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Benefits of Financial Tuneups consulting:

Access to some of Australia’s best home loans. You can now have the best of both worlds superbly competitive interest rates and terms without any of the worries and pressures normally associated with mortgages.

Imagine not having to meet with every bank on the shopping list, yet have access to a mortgage professional who will review hundreds of loan products to find the loan that’s right for you.

Your Financial Tuneup$ TMconsultant will carefully guide you through the mortgage maze and ensure your final decision will achieve the best outcome.

Together we will explore:

Mortgage reduction strategies
How you can achieve low interest payments
How best to minimize or eliminate fees
How you can manage your mortgage before it manages you

What’s it going to cost? Nothing. This professional service comes to you without charge. In fact, the banks and lending institutions foot the bill for our time!

(Some bank fees and charges may apply.)

  • MIAA full member – MIAA members are ethical mortgage professionals & the most qualified source of information and assistance in obtaining property finance.
  • Over 20 lenders
  • Hundreds of different loans
  • We don’t charge you any brokerage fee
  • Lending Australia wide
  • Fully insured